Class of 2018-19

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  • freshman

    RaeAnn Rumery

    I continue to promote the passion for public education through mentoring efforts with our next generation of teachers!
  • freshman

    In memory of Dr. Gary Corcoran

    My father believed in the power of music education to inspire people and enrich lives. He passed this on to me and to countless students!
  • freshman

    Laura West

    Public education allows EVERY student a chance to move forward!
  • freshman

    Loretta Arian Ragsdell

    "Education is the passport to the life we all richly deserve. It answers all things."
  • freshman

    In Honor of Harriet Sanford

    Thanks to Harriet for her outstanding work on behalf of public education.
  • sophomore

    Cathy Zier

    Thank you to all our Educators who make all children’s future so bright!
  • freshman

    Rhonda Johnson

    Public education, the foundation of a democratic society, teaches students to balance individual rights with responsibilities toward others.
  • freshman

    Drue Haarsager

    Public education helps us to discover a better, more hopeful version of ourselves.
  • freshman

    Kevin Anderson

    Here's to you, Mom. 33 years of dedicated teaching in DC Public Schools. Always there. Always on time. Never tired. We love you.
  • freshman

    Kevin Anderson

    "Education commences at the mother's knee; every word spoken within hearsay of little children tends toward the formation of character." HB
  • freshman

    Michael Posner

    Public education is the gateway to our collective future
  • freshman

    Donna Cuyler

    Public education teaches students about the world, values diverse perspectives, and empowers students to create a better future for all.
  • freshman

    Mrs. Joyce J. Click, 40 + Years as a Public School Music Educator

    Public educator reformer, Horace Mann once said " Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer...."
  • freshman

    Anna Smith

    Teach on purpose! Encourage a student to excel!
  • freshman

    Bonnie Cullison

    My wish is that every child has the opportunities and experiences to build a foundation for a lifetime of goals met and dreams achieved.
  • freshman

    Craig Beals

    Teach with Fire! (Metaphorically, of course!)
  • freshman

    Teach for Season. Friends for Life.

    The future of the United States depend upon an educated public. Knowledge is the citizen's most effective defense against tyranny.
  • freshman

    Jacob Morello

    My public school teachers shaped who I am today, and I’m eternally grateful to them!
  • Monthly Donor


    Meg Porta

    In honor of all the public school teachers I have had and all the public school teachers that I know. You rock!
  • senior

    Jeffrey Freund

    Paul Simon sang: “When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school; it’s a wonder I can think at all.” We’re changing that tune.